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The Importance of Laundry Certification

Gaining certification as a laundry facility is as important for the business itself as it is the clients that utilize it. Certification can ensure guests will know they have access to the best equipment possible without the risk of faulty or dated machines. Though the process for obtaining certification is rigorous, the benefits achieved are worth the process.

We have worked very hard to obtain an official Speed Queen® Quantum™ Gold Medal Certification to ensure guests have the best experience possible. To achieve certification, an Alliance Laundry Representative is required to review the store’s blueprints, inspect the construction site, check equipment installation for accuracy and provide on-site inspections of the laundry equipment once installed. Once these requirements have been fulfilled, the laundry facility is officially eligible to receive a Gold Medal certification.

Alliance Laundry Systems is the only laundry manufacturer to provide development and education of their employees on such a grand scale. To become a representative for Alliance, technicians are required to complete roughly 30 courses before passing a final exam to gain certification. This process ensures that certification for laundry facilities maintains the same standards at all times.

Being an official Speed Queen® Quantum™ Gold Medal Certification recipient means that Sapulpa Laundry utilizes the most up to date Speed Queen® Express commercial washers and dryers available. With several one, two, three and six-load front washers available, guests can quickly and efficiently complete their clothes washing and with two, four and eight-load high capacity dryers available, guests can ensure they are getting the best deal possible.

Our goal at Sapulpa Laundry has always been to have great customer service and to offer a clean, relaxed, pleasant experience for those doing a chore that most dread doing. With unique features like 24 Hour Security Camera’s, Wi-Fi access, pressing services, same day bundle washing, an indoor ATM, two change machines and an outdoor car vacuum, we strive to offer the best laundry experience available. If you have any questions about our facilities or services, please call us at (918) 805-6440.


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