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Laundry Tips for Jeans

New jeans and jackets have been specially dyed to get that rough-and-tumble look to last through multiple washing’s.

Chances are you bought those jeans or that denim jacket because you liked the color and texture of the denim . These laundry tips can help keep your jackets and jeans looking the way they did when you bought them.

1. Always Wash New Jeans Separately

Dark wash jeans, any jeans for that matter, that you want to stay the same color as they were when you purchased them , should be washed separately the first time.

Use a laundry detergent that’s color safe. The dye in most jeans transfers readily during the laundry cycle to other garments, that’s why it’s important to wash them separately the first time.

2. Turn Jeans Inside-Out Before Washing

Washed jeans should be laundered inside-out in warm or cool water to prevent fading (unless you want fading)

Keep both new and washed jeans away from laundry detergents with bleach for the same reason. This is one time you’ll want to use a basic laundry detergent without additives or boosters.

3. Avoid Frequent Tumble Drying

Avoid frequent tumble-drying. Heat may damages fibers. When necessary, tumble dry while the dryer is cool and use delicate settings.

To extend the lifespan of jeans, lay them flat to dry whenever possible instead of tossing them into the dryer.

4. If Needed, Iron Jeans While Damp

Iron the denim on high heat while still damp. If the fabric is dry, pre-moisten with a spray bottle, or use the steam button on your iron.







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